About me

‘’I’m extremely honored to be the winner of two gold medals GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS, for best album Moondancer 2018 and female vocalist. GLOBAL MUSIC AWARDS is recognize as music’s golden seal of approval”

Starting at the age of 6, inspirational songstress, Daniela de Mari’s angelic and enchanting voice is a pure and warm embrace for the heart, guiding us to remember the sounds of heavenly doors, she gently takes the listener into an unforgettable experience.

Born in Italy and raised in Colombia, Daniela has dedicated her life to music, the study of foreign languages and ethnic cultures. Gifted with a pristine sound and a soaring vocal range, the dream  of this visionary artist and transformational Soprano is mostly based on the true longing of giving her audience infinite states of harmony and well being through the power and magical force of music and the human voice.

Having taken voice lessons from a very young age, Daniela's voice and music are focused in classical crossover, epic, cinematic and world music. She has studied from the lineages of Celtic Music, Medieval Chant, Indian Classical Raga and even chants form Bulgarian and Aboriginal tribes. Combining an electronic and organic sound, she reminds us of the healing power of music making of her performance a unique and magical experience. 

Daniela has shared stages with Deva Premal,  Manose Newa, Jai Uttal, Deepak Chopra, Silvia Nakkach among others, and in 2016, she received a nomination for BEST VOCAL ALBUM  in the UK ONE WORLD MUSIC AWARDS, for her  album AWAKENING.

For the last eight years, Daniela has been working with Latin Grammy nominee, producer, pianist, and composer, Orlando Sandoval. His experiences working in South America, Europe, and the United States have given his music a unique style encompassing varied rhythms, harmonies, and an exciting sound palette. 

Daniela as a professional in Reiki of Sound and certified in different workshops with sound healing authorities like Jonathan Goldman, John Beaulieu, and Nada Yoga (yoga of Sound) authority Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, believes in the healing power of music and how it connects us with our true inner selves, leading us to a state of constant well being.

She has studied with Silvia Nakkach at Vox Mundi Mystery school of the Voice CIIS, learning a deep practice of vocal yoga  and has recently returned from India  after a profound singing training with Dhrupad master Ritwik Sanyal,  Lakshmi Santra, Joy Chowdhury.

"Music as the Sacred Language of the Heart"


In many occasions people have asked Daniela about the languages she uses in some of her songs and concerts, some are in English, Italian, Spanish, Sanskrit and even Aramaic, but many of her songs are song in what she calls  a "Sacred language of the heart", which is a language that flows through her and that doesn't condition the listener with any particular meaning, that is why "it reaches the absolute", she says.


"Music breathes and my voice  flows , flows and I surrender to a feeling, a feeling expressed with pure sounds that want to reach in to the infinite beauty  of people’s hearts".

"Since I was a little girl music touched my heart so deeply and filled it with universal blessings…. I knew that singing would take me to infinite and deep states of awareness and self knowledge, allowing me to find my true essence’’.

"Live an Experiential Music
for the senses and the soul"