Experiential music show, which presents an innovative musical and visual proposal.

Music composed and performed by Orlando Sandoval & Daniela de Mari,
where genres such as Classical Crossover, Neoclassic, Epic, New Age, Ethereal Wave and World Music are merged.

ONENESS – The Awakened Heart Symphony

Contemporary Symphonic Work that has consolidated itself as a multi-sensory experience, thanks to the beauty of the melodies and compositions (fusion of classic and contemporary forms, pop, mantras), the magic of its interpreters, the new mixture of colors and textures, and the implementation of high technology.

ONENESS SYMPHONY invites us to live an experience for the soul and the senses.


“An experience for the soul and the senses”

This production is characterized by the implementation of technologies such as high-definition led screens, robotic heads spot, wash and point, laser, and terrestrial and complementary smoke machines, along with contemporary dance, making the performance a robust multi-sensory experience with the intention to transport audiences within themselves.

Artistic production, technology, and scenography: Artefacto23


Oneness is designed as a Symphonic Show, where “Breath of Life” is joined by a Symphony Orchestra. A version with “Breath of Life” and a Chamber Orchestra is also available. Likewise, Orlando and Daniela’s music is performed by “Breath of Life”, which is a seven-piece, stand-alone ensemble

Composition Show: 7 main musicians: Daniela de Mari & Orlando Sandoval with Breath of Life + Orchestra: 16 philharmonic musicians. Composition Full version: 7 main musicians and 55 Orchestra musicians.


ONENESS was released on April 19th, 2017 in Bogotá, Colombia, at the "Julio Mario Santo Domingo" theater, with the participation of the "Orquesta Nueva Filarmonia" conducted by Maestro Ricardo Jaramillo.